Organizers of the Workshop on Quarkonium

November 8-10, 2002 at CERN



  • Armin Böhrer (Siegen U.)
  • Nora Brambilla (Milano U.)
  • Michael Krämer (Edinburgh U.)
  • Roberto Mussa (Torino INFN)
  • Antonio Vairo (CERN)

Local Organizing Committee:

  • Armin Böhrer (Siegen U.)
  • Nora Brambilla (Milano U.)
  • Oleg Iouchtchenko (CERN)
  • Maria Kienzle (Geneva U.)
  • Michael Krämer (Edinburgh U.)
  • Carlos Lourenco (CERN)
  • Michelangelo Mangano (CERN)
  • Roberto Mussa (Torino INFN)
  • Thomas Teubner (CERN)
  • Antonio Vairo (CERN)

For Conveners, Program Committee see below.

Program of the Workshop

November 8-10, 2002 at CERN

The Heavy Quarkonium System

The discovery of the J/psi dates back to 1974. The top threshold production ('toponium') will be eventually measured at next linear colliders, hopefully in the next decade. During all these years the heavy quarkonia will remain a challenging objective for QCD. These systems open a privileged window into the QCD world: being multiscale systems they probe all the energy regimes, from the hard region, where an expansion in the coupling constant at the hard scale is legitimate, to the low energy region, where such an expansion is no longer viable and nonperturbative effects dominate. On the other side, the multiscale-nature of the bound state together with the nonperturbative nature of the low energy region, made extremely ambitious the task to relate  the properties of these systems to QCD.

Quarkonium Working Group Program

We feel that it is the right time to intensify the exchange of ideas and information between experimentalists and theorists in quarkonium physics. We see a new opportunity in the field. We have new and more sophisticated theoretical tools that may allow us to relate our measurements more directly to QCD.

Conveners, Program Committee:

  • Gunnar Bali
  • Nora Brambilla
  • Joan Soto
  • Armin Böhrer
  • Roberto Mussa

  • Estia Eichten
  • Antonio Vairo
  • Claudia Patrignani

  • Eric Braaten
  • Michael Krämer
  • Andreas Meyer
  • Vaia Papadimitriou

  • Andre Hoang
  • Matthias Jamin
  • Simon Eidelman

  • Maria-Paola Lombardo
  • Helmut Satz
  • Carlos Lourenco
  • Marzia Rosati

  • Edmond Berger
  • Dmitri Kharzeev
  • Rich Galik
  • Andrzej Zieminski



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