Hotel reservation    

      A package of hotel rooms of the different types has been reserved in
      following hotels (near IHEP): 
        1) IHEP guest house
           30 standard rooms are booked and they will be given with priority
           to those people who get local support mentioned below. 
        2) Holiday Inn CHANG AN WEST BEIJING (4 star hotel, see website)
           Standard room:  $55/day (including the service fee and one breakfast/day)
           It takes about 15 minutes from this hotel to IHEP by walking.
           A bus may be be arranged to pick up the participants. See later last minute information

To get an accomodation at the Holiday Inn please write to Jianping MA   AND  Xiaoyan SHEN  :
If you need local support, please write to Jianping MA   , Xiaoyan SHEN  and in copy to QWG 
Please do both things at your EARLIEST CONVENIENCE (Deadline for booking the accomodation is September 15, 2004).

Financial support

      A limited amount of financial support will be available for some       speakers and young postdoctors.
Support will cover       only the local expenses. To apply please follow instructions above and do it at your earliest convenience.

Transportation information

It takes about 50 minutes from Beijing Airport to IHEP by taxi    (see map).
      The taxi fee is about $15 - $20 (including toll fee).
WARNING : do not try to bargain with unofficial taxi drivers. Get to the official taxi station, and take a taxi with taxi-meter. Not all drivers speak English, but you can       show them this map to be taken to your destination.

How to Get Yuans at your arrival

The standard currency exchange ratio is 1 US$ = 8.2 Yuan .
There is an automatic currency exchanger to change your cash to yuans at the airport .
There are also ATM cash machines to get advance cash with credit cards . (Option with western characters not guaranteed...)
Conference room equipment

      The conference room is equipped with beamer and overhead projector as audiovisual equipment. The speakers can either use transparencies,
      or printed papers or laptop. There is also a PC available in the meeting room and so the speakers can also copy the talks to this PC.
      It is suggested to take a copy of slides on memory stick

More General Information

A complete reference guide for Tourism in Beijing can be found in the BTA site.
You may also want to browse the Beijing airport web site .

Questions, problems, cancellation? Send an E-mail.

Last modified: 29/07/2004 , Roberto Mussa